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Transporting kayak

Most of paddlers have to transport their kayaks time to time. To do it safely and securely, first you need a good roof rack. It can be specially designed for transporting kayaks but it is not a must. If using usual roof rack, it might be necessary to put some softening under kayak to avoid damage. As important as roof rack, is to have good loading straps. Using such straps avoids worrying about the knots.
    • Remove equipment and accessories (hatches) from your kayak, to avoid loss or damage;
    • To ensure safety of you and your kayak, it is better to lift kayak to the roof rack by two people. If you have to car-top it alone, be especially careful;
    • Should kayak lie on the bottom, on the side or deck side down on the roof rack? It depends on your kayak and rack as well. Just try different possibilities and strap kayak the way, it feels most stable. Tip: if kayak is lying deck-side down, cockpit should be between racks. Strapping cockpit against rack may damage cockpit;
    • Strap kayak carefully but don't tight it too hard as it can cause hull-deformations. If necessary (roof racks very close to each other), use rope to strap each end of kayak to the bumpers of the car;
    • Do not leave the kayak on the roof of the car for longer time than necessary for transport;
    • If your kayak extends over 1 meter behind your car, use red flag to alert other drivers.


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