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Boat building materials/technologies used by EastPole kayaks

We at EastPole do everything, to create and offer you modern and trustworthy sea-kayaks, which could provide you nice moments for long years. As development is the keyword to achieving it, we improve our products and production-process continuously. We are open to innovations among both materials and production-technologies. Today we provide kayaks produced in:


Today and also in the near future, most of our kayaks have hand-laminated glass-fiber composite (GFC) bodies. Glass-fiber is the most common material in kayak/canoe production. It can be easily formed to very different design lines. Bodies of the GFC kayaks are built up of next layers:


Relatively light weight and good strength-to-weight ratio are the main characteristics of GFC kayaks. In addition, repairing GFC kayaks is quite easy so anybody can do it after short studying.



Although hand-laminated fiberglass kayaks look irresistible, they are durable and relatively light- weight, it is possible rise standards even higher. In composite kayak designs, achieving perfect combination of fiber and resin is the goal. Fiber needs the resin to hold its shape, but the less resin there is in the fiber the stronger and lighter the result will be. This is the place, where vacuum technology will help out. It allows using less resin, carbon rowing and sandwich materials in composite. Sandwich materials give superb stiffness and carbon rowing adds lateral strength to the kayak-body. Bodies of the VCC kayaks are built up of next layers:


VCC kayaks have 30-40% higher stiffness and until 20% smaller weight compared to GFC kayaks. They will match even to your highest standards!


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